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We always love to Build Customized Application Software to Solve specific problems.​MOA SIGNING BETWEEN DIBRUGARH UNIVERSITY AND KBQUBEMOU SIGNING BETWEEN KL TECH SOLUTION AND KBQUBE

A Dibrugarh University Start-up

We always love to Build Customized Application Software to Solve specific problems.

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Why Custom Software?

Custom software serves the unique processes of your business, solves your specific problems, satisfies your exclusive needs and makes your workflows easier, faster, and more efficient. Moreover, you get:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Minimized information security risks
  • Tailored support & maintenance

Ten Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Software

Off-the-shelf software is very general in nature. It performs a limited task or set of tasks for a business, regardless of the type of business using it. It often doesn’t have the capabilities to handle the special needs of a specific business or industry.


Web Application Development And Website Development

With the help of our highly qualified and skilled IT professionals, we have been able to serve our clients with valuable Web Application Development Services. Our web application development and custom programming services include everything from a simple Business  Management System enabled Application to the most complex web-based internet applications, e-commerce portals, and Client networking development services.

We have with us many years of experience in the field of designing web applications using cutting edge technologies like , PHP, MySQL, React.js, Node.js, Flutter and much more. Our vast experience includes designing and deploying a number of web applications for small institution  to big Institution . Further, our expertise lies in designing and developing web applications according to the customer requirements. Read-more 


Android and IOS app development

Advantages of Android and IOS development and how these apps can accelerate your business growth.

Why Is Mobile Application Development Your Best Option?

Every entrepreneur needs to compete with creativity to capture the attention of more potential customers. It is because the ultimate goal of any business is to generate revenue. Further, the evolution of the Android development platform offers entrepreneurs with a cost-effective and scalable opportunity to develop apps.

Android mobile applications have influenced most of the industries as part of the digital revolution today. Even though iOS is a popular platform, listed below are some of the reasons why android development is by far the best and a leading platform for businesses. Read-more 

Digital survey and Business Marketing Tools

Our Digital Survey Tool

Regardless of the type of survey, it is critical to the development of the company or institution to obtain and act on feedback.  In all organizations feedback is the springboard to continuous improvement and effectiveness. Now that we understand why feedback is so important, we need to look at the best way to gather the data. Our Survey Solution Product will focus on ten key advantages that using online surveys afford. Read-more

Our Digital marketing Tool

The world of marketing is shifting from traditional marketing like TV ads, billboards, and mail-outs to digital marketing. This shift has shown an emphasis on things like email communications, web tracking, PPC, and SEO. Digital marketing is quickly growing in popularity due to its effectiveness at engaging clients and leads through accessible means. If you’re wondering what the top benefits of digital marketing are, look no further. Read-more 


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